Special Education programme

This is a bespoke education provision for young people aged 16-19 years, who are ‘deemed’ too challenging for a traditional education setting and, as a consequence, do not access schooling.

Our team looks at innovative ways, through a diverse program to re-engage the young people, developing them holistically by supporting and offering new, unique experiences in a variety of alternative sessions, through adventurous and experiential learning. The programme’s common themes are:

  • To develop the learner’s life, confidence, independence, communication and social skills, enabling them to add long-term value to their lives, families and the wider community, gaining the ability to learn from experience.
  • To control behaviours, make good choices and develop the self-esteem, resilience, and motivation to persist towards desired goals.

Currently, our services deliver to 6 young people across two specific cohorts; Looked After Children (LAC) Special Education and Additional Needs/Disability (SEND) Special Education, both with the same long-term targets of integrating them back into the community through volunteering, employment or day services.

For more information contact Dan Higgins, email: dan.higgins@activetameside.com tel: 07833 468 205.