Care to Success programme

The Care to Success programme has been identified through a multi-agency approach as a specific gap in provision, for young people aged 16-21 years in the care system.

This cohort of young people have not accessed education or have left education with low-level or no qualifications. The aim is to look at how we can work with the young people around confidence, skills development and punctuality and embed values that will enable them to hold down an employment opportunity.

The project is a pre-apprentice programme, that offers the young people work rotation over the year with a view to securing a paid outcome; moving the young people on to an apprentice scheme or moving them back into education.

The success of this programme would mean reduced cost on the public purse in relation to what it would cost per young person staying on continued benefits and social housing throughout their life course.

For more information contact Jonathan King, email: tel: 07738 498 003.