Adult day care & community and holiday respite provision

Adult day care

Our Supported Services programme offers adults with additional needs a home away from home, with the opportunity to meet friends, have new experiences and learn skills, all with the support that they need to grow and achieve their potential.

Our aims are based around creating a pathway to independence, whilst at the same time being able to provide a person-centred approach, regardless of their interests or abilities, with a range of activities on offer.

Supported Services provision allows exposure to various activities and life skills for adults with a disability, with a great emphasis on developing people holistically, supporting individuals in being as independent as possible and encouraging and teaching them a variety of skills.

The work we do as a service allows for consistency in approach, from children through to adults, due to the positive relationships we have built through the provisions that we offer within schools, community settings and adult day care. This gives us an extensive knowledge and understanding of adults who come through the system.

Utilising a person-centred approach, we keep communication, reward, behaviour and care support consistent throughout a person’s life. Cognitive, life and social skills, along with continuous improvement in health and wellbeing, are all targets that our service aims to achieve, by working with every individual on a variety of skills, but also placing an emphasis on fun.

For more information contact Dan Higgins, email: tel: 07833 468 205.


Community and holiday respite provision (evenings and weekends)

We offer a variety of weekly community sessions throughout the year, including dance, cycling, multi-sports, art and crafts and cooking, at a number of locations across Tameside. Activities run 50 weeks a year and last for up to two hours.

Our aim is to ensure that families with disabled children, young people and adults have the support they need to engage in community-based activities. We also offer a half term respite activity programme for children aged 5-16, which is OFSTED registered and provides opportunities for disabled children to spend time away from their families during the school holidays, developing new friendships, taking part in new experiences and having fun participating in positive activities. Our camps provide activities for all children with disabilities, ranging from sports and dance to cooking and cycling.

For more information contact Dan Higgins, email: tel: 07833 468 205.