Active Community café

Our Supported Services team took over the catering service at Beatrix House residential home in Dukinfield in September 2016, in partnership with New Charter Housing. Beatrix House café is now running successfully with the help of some volunteers from our Supported Services programme. The volunteers are creating a fabulous working atmosphere and the wonderful and ever-growing bond between the residents and volunteers is great to see.

Taking over the catering at Beatrix House accomplished our vision of developing a disability-run, community social enterprise café. Through the café, which is open to the public as well as residents, our service users gain and develop valuable life, independence and social skills, whilst providing a fun and much-needed service at the home.

Taking charge of the catering has not only enriched our partnership with New Charter, it has also allowed us to offer disabled and vulnerable adults the opportunity to develop. Volunteers use local produce, develop their maths and literacy skills and interact with the local community. They also prepare the meals and set the tables before completing a full clean down of the seating area, cutlery and kitchen surfaces.

This has enabled a significant increase in organisation, communication and social skills. Karen (mother of one of our volunteers), said: ‘Gareth really enjoys going to Beatrix House and loves being part of a team. I have seen a big improvement in his health and his confidence is a lot better. He has also now become an expert at brewing up!’

Beatrix house is open six days a week and is open to anyone to visit and enjoy our home cooked, mouth-watering menu.

For more information contact Dan Higgins, email: tel: 07833 468 205.